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Did you know there was such a thing?

What is this, a new word or theory? Yes, you bet! But not just a new word OR a new theory… it’s much more than that for sure! AND, it’s likely that you do already know what it is!

Stop and think for just a moment or two, about “how you relate to you”, how it is that you communicate to yourself on the inside, in mind? Say, for instance when it comes to a challenge or when you are facing a “difficulty” or hot spot in a relationship.

What’s the “saying and doing and viewing” (internally) that goes on and leads to how “you experience your self” and what is responsible for the very quality of your “MindLife.” (Yes, you do have a life on the inside in mind, do you not? Your MindLife that ultimately determines the very qualities of your life and relationships.)

Now, notice even more whether the feeling and the impact of your very own communications to self regarding YOUR experience is desirable (what you want – pleasurable, as empowering and positive as you’d like). Is how you communicate and influence and persuade others or the “tone” and quality of your relationships including the most important relationship you have – the one between… “You & You” as pleasurable and attractive as it could be?

Has what you’ve been “thinking and feeling and saying-doing-viewing” (for the most part in response to how you communicate to self) made you (or others) feel good or great, more pleasure, motivationas good as you’d like to feel?

Are your responses and reactions to situations and issues (present state conditions) positively moving you towards what you really want and find valuable and most important in your life?

Or have your thoughts and feelings (communications) led you away from what it is you want most and towards experiencing “not-so-good” response-reactions that drive you (more often than you’d like) to live your life like you don’t want to and cause you to be someone you really don’t want to be.

Really – Take just a moment or two and think about it.

The whole point here is that by noticing and becoming more aware and putting more focus, energy and commitment into directing how you are thinking-feeling-doing “on the inside” (and by using more productive and purposeful ways to communicate to yourself and others) you will improve the quality of your life “mindfirst” from the “inside out”.   You will make life-evolving differences and changes (real transformations) occur on the inside in how you go about living out “who you are” and “who you are becoming”.

By practicing what we call better “Psygienics™” (the art of clean and purposeful thinking-feeling-doing towards specific desired state outcomes) you will apply the skills to tailor and detail the very fabric of your own reality and create more pleasurable experiences leading to the kind of life that you truly desire.

One that will inspire you ACT with more presence of mind and BEHAVE with more purposeful strategies of how to think and feel and “go and do”.

When you are living with better Psygiene YOU ARE ABLE to be more pleased and satisfied with yourself (who you are) and…

Live your life with Cleaner, Clearer & Crisper Communications

Not only between you AND you but also with those you love and you really care about!

  Good Psygiene Is:

  Conscious Awareness           Focus & Commitment            Uptime State of Mind        Intentionality  
  State Awareness                    Great State Control                 Well-Formed Goals          Purposeful Behavior

  Mental Health & Agility             Higher PsyQ                           Positive Expectancy         Emotional Competency

  Pro-Activity                              Composure                             Stress-Release                MindLife Balance        

  Self-Acceptance                     Self-Appreciation                     Execution MindFirst!  


With “Good VIBES” (+ Values-Intentions-Beliefs-Expectations-States), Positive and Productive Thoughts, Feelings and Evaluations and Better Decision Making, Presence of Mind and Sensory Awareness (of how we “think and feel” and “say and do and view”)…

We can select and sequence our mental-emotional-physical-behavioral States, Strategies and Skills so that we are definitely in charge of “Who we are and how we live our lives” and ultimately act and behave in more pleasurable and purposeful ways.     

Do this and surely you will say…

Life IS GOOD and Getting Much Better!

Contact us to learn more about how you can practice better Psygiene and get more information on how you can “change your mind and your life”. It just takes a little knowledge put into practice.

You will be glad you did! Won’t you?

Contact Elvis Lester for info on Training, Coaching and/or “ChangeWork” that makes a difference in you.  Phone: 1-877-MINDFIRST or email: Elvis@psygiene.com .


Thank you for visiting!

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